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If you’re looking forward to Tax Heaven 3000, there’s good news to come from all of this, as MSCHF’s game will instead launch via Itch.io. Tax Heaven 3000 should be set to launch next week on PC, just in time for the April deadline of filing your personal US Federal tax returns. Tax Heaven 3000 garnered attention earlier this week for the promise of filing your real-life tax returns, but now it’s been delisted from Steam. Transforms into a psychological horror game that also serves as a meta-commentary on the concept of storytelling in fiction — a pretty heady topic you wouldn’t expect from a game with such a cute art style. As you attend the prestigious St. PigeoNation’s Institute, a school for gifted birds, you’ll find yourself encountering all sorts of dateable pigeons.

It’s a dating simulator where you’re a human that’s been accepted to a prestigious school for pigeon. Just like a normal visual novel dating sim game you’re getting to know the different pigeons and interacting with them as you divert your time between school and meeting with these birds. Of course, the narrative is what shines here with different plots both lighthearted and at times dark.

The pc specs required by the game are a Windows 7 OS, 1 GB of RAM, DirectX 9.0, 5 GB of storage, and a Pentium 4 processor. The artwork is great, and the background music sets a great atmosphere while playing. This is a must-try for otome players who are fans of cute monster boys. 7’Scarlet will have you following different routes, which would lead to different endings while unraveling partial revelations about the mysteries of the game.

She enjoys playing everything from casual mobile games to deep-in-depth console games. If the game does become available in time for this year’s return deadline, fans will want to keep its demographic in mind. Tax Heaven 3000 stresses it is only suitable for « single filers without dependents » so others will have to find other ways of filing. As for those single filers on standby, MSCHF may have found the ultimate way to bypass tax regulators with this dating sim, and all it took was some help from an anime accountant named Iris. The game also features a variety of different situations depending on the choices you make throughout the game, which add up to over 1000 specific scenarios.

But that’s expected as the focus of the first act is probably to look like your usual dating sim, so… Constant horniness aside, HC inhabits a lot of the anxieties of people trying to find Bristlr their place. She worries that she’ll never fit in, that she’ll always be an accessory to others’ relationships, and that her lived experience is just a series of processes without a soul.


Your character initially came from the Heights but was banished here after being framed for the death of her parents. The game has you advancing the intriguing story through your choice of actions and words. The game is set in a dark yet hauntingly beautiful town where everyone is a zombie. Although quiet and peaceful, the town acts as a big cage with barriers surrounding its perimeter and some of the citizens take their own life. Both versions of the game received critical success, but Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly was the only one that enjoyed massive commercial success, especially in Japan. Despite this, both games deserve recognition as fine additions to your interactive fictional adventure.

Whichever game you opt for, Nobunaga is a straight-up hottie, so you can’t really go wrong. Each heroine gets a chapter, all of which push the characters out of their comfort zone or challenge their prejudice. I’ve heard of the game randomly freezing, but I don’t remember an error report problem happening so I’m not entirely sure what’s going on.

Psyop, KFC.If you’re in the gaming community or even the anime community, you know of a little genre called “dating simulators” and their immense popularity over the years. From Colonel Sanders to pigeons and, of course, crazed anime girls, there’s no limit on the amount of dating sims out there available to play. Due to the recent rise of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and others, it’s not hard to see why! For a lot of us, it’s difficult to initiate in social situations because of these things, and harder to maintain relationships.

The game specs required are at least a Windows 7 OS, 2 GB of RAM, 4 GB of storage, DirectX 9.0, and any processor equivalent to an Intel Celeron G3900. SteamDeveloperNEKO WORKsLength1 hour to beatRelease DateJuly 15, 2021Multiplayer? NoNEKOPARA – Catboys Paradise is an otome visual novel game that is a sure hit for people who love attractive guys with cat ears.

Steam Pulls Dating Sim That Helps You Do Your Taxes

Register with the site to enhance your experience and earn user points. Not all of these titles are necessarily « girly », but they are fun and are games I really liked. Whether or not it’s actually true, people think dog owners are naturally more approachable and nurturing, which some people look for in romantic partners.

And as it turns out, the folks behind « Tax Heaven 3000 » envision this game as having purely altruistic goals. Simply put, the game aims to make filing your taxes simpler and more enjoyable than other tax software. Synergia is more of a visual novel where players are thrown into the future. Here players are following a police officer named Cila who has trouble connecting with anyone outside of her new household android named Mara.

It was a commercial success in Japan, and many fans commend the great balance of otome and mystery-solving that ultimately gives 7’scarlet a spot on the best otome games list. SteamDeveloperIDEA FACTORYLength13 hours to beatRelease DateAugust 30, 2019Multiplayer? NoPsychedelica of the Ashen Hawk is an interactive visual novel game that blends quality artwork, sound, and story to create a great otome experience. It was developed by Otomate and had its pc release in August 2019.

In this day and age, you’d expect the tedious process to have become easier with tech, but that hasn’t happened. Only those willing to pay big bucks for tax services tend to have an easy time during return season, but one visual novel has gone viral for attempting to break the status quo. The art direction is pretty accurate in how it manages to capture all of the little details of the time. It’s sort of like a look at your own little time capsule, filled with all of the awkward conversations from your instant messaging days. Others are fully on board with the idea of « Tax Heaven 3000, » with some people expressing their regret at having already done their taxes before the game’s launch.

While that 2021 experience parodies walking simulators, Tax Heaven 3000 takes aim at the IRS, as implied by a cached version of the game’s product description on Steam. Final Fantasy games are very popular among women too, so check out any of the 15 mainline games . My personal favorite is Final Fantasy 5 for the job system, and Final Fantasy 9 for the story. There is some hidden lore in the story, and after dating them, the player will be able to understand the hidden stories of each of the character. You can pick between 4 partners who give a unique perspective to the story and romance for the Sheriff.