13. You Feel Content When You’re Together

13. You Feel Content When You’re Together

Do you touch in non-sexual ways without thinking about it? Perhaps you hold each other’s hands or touch each other playfully. Those are physical signs of intense chemistry.

7. You Make Eye Contact

When you speak, you look directly at each other. This shows that you care about what the other person has to say. It also shows that you care that they listen.

Looking away from someone when they are talking is a sign of nonchalance. Direct eye contact is a sign of chemistry.

The eye contact may happen when you’re not talking as well. Holding each other’s gaze despite a lack of conversation is another sign that your chemistry is genuine.

8. You Are Fully Yourself


You cannot feel true chemistry when you pretend to be someone you’re not. A true sign of chemistry requires knowing that you can be completely yourself and you are still accepted and respected. This is a rare and beautiful thing to find.

9. You Bond Over Future Goals

Making plans together is fun for any couple, but truly bonding over future goals means you have a meaningful connection.

10. You Listen to Each Other

Imagine having a conversation. Do you listen to each other, or are you waiting for your turn to speak? Truly listening requires patience, care, respect, and interest.

Listening when another person is speaking can sometimes be hard. However, when you have real chemistry, you want to listen. In fact, you will hang onto every word.

11. You Complement Each Other

The two of you are like peanut butter and jelly. You complement each other in the best ways. You do not have to be the same or even similar to have excellent chemistry. You do need to be able to work together very well.

12. You Compliment Each Other

Compliments are not the same as flattery. A compliment is a heartfelt sentiment showing someone you think highly of them. Flattery is telling someone what you think they want to hear to achieve a goal.

Too many couples flatter each other. A couple with real chemistry compliments. Not just that, but they may find themselves complimenting each other constantly because they are so enamored of one another.

When you are with each other, you aren’t looking for that missing piece that makes you feel content because you have already found it. You feel at ease, comfortable, and not at all stressed or anxious.

14. Being With Them is Fun

You have a truly good time when you are together. You look forward to your time together not because it’s dramatic but because it is fun.

You find yourself smiling when you think of being around each other. When your day is over, you are happy. Having fun with each other is not just a sign of chemistry but also a sign of a long-lasting relationship.

15. You Feel Good About Yourself

Some say that strong chemistry will make you feel self-conscious. This is only true if the chemistry is on the surface, like the chemistry that comes with only a physical attraction.

Intense chemistry makes you feel good about yourself. When you care deeply about someone you think is amazing, and they share those feelings, that will make you feel amazing as well.

16. You Have a Strong Physical Attraction

Chemistry isn’t just about physical attraction, but it certainly plays a role. Couples who are physically attracted and want to be intimate with each other will display a palpable sense of intense chemistry.

You cannot use this to judge chemistry alone, but this sign, along with at least one of the others, is proof of a good connection.