19 Simple JavaScript Projects for Beginners 2023 Updated Boot dev

The app tutorial will walk you through building a location-based weather app. Based on your current location, the app will show you the weather there. This JavaScript course from Boot.dev is free to audit, and it takes you from a complete beginner and teaches you the skills you need to progress as a programmer. I only recommend it because it’s kinda like a project in the sense that you’ll solve many individual coding challenges in JavaScript. On the front end, we’ll use React, and on the back end, we’ll utilize NodeJS and the Socket.io web socket library.

Using the two functions above, create a function to make the mole emerge out of the random hole. We have divided projects based on beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. While it may require some foresight and thought, one of the positives of this project is the fun it brings in the end. Although it’s not a sure path into game development, you’ll learn about much of the functionality of JavaScript while working on this task. To add a bit of creativity, you can build a countdown timer that stops at a user-specified value. You don’t need to store anything in a database or JSON object, as this is an instance that users can tweak as they wish.

#50 — Create a 3D Planet

Take a look at the list of JavaScript projects above to get started. Learn more about using random, functions, and event listeners. In this tutorial, Beau Carnes will teach you how to create the classic Simon Game. This is a good project that will get you thinking about the different components behind the game and how you would build out each of those functionalities. In this tutorial, you will learn how to update and delete items from a grocery list and create a simple CRUD application.

For instance, storing each input in a JSON file on your local machine allows you to practice CRUD operations work on real-life JSON objects. A cheerful, full of life and vibrant person, I hold a lot of dreams that I want to fulfill on my own. My passion for writing started with small diary entries and travel blogs, after which I have moved on to writing well-researched technical content. I find it fascinating to blend thoughts and research and shape them into something beautiful through my writing.

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It’s ubiquitous, so it’s not only good to learn how, but also kind of fun. If you know JavaScript, you feel a little bit like you’re peeking behind the veil of the world wide web. JavaScript is the basic programming language when you talk about web development/full stack development.

Easy JavaScript Projects for Beginners

They can use JavaScript libraries such as Phaser or PixiJS to create 2D or 3D games. They can learn how to use collision detection, physics, and artificial intelligence to create engaging game mechanics. It’s a simple gallery project where we can search the photos by keywords, change the category based on given options as Mountain, Beaches, Birds, Food. Once you hover on the images, you will get the zoom-in images.

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Another great machine learning project that involves images is an app that can recognize faces and emotions. Here, we will take a look into how face-api works, and how you can use its models to detect faces on images, draw facial landmarks or even use it for emotion detection. With the help of Three.js, you can also try building a 3D working Rubik’s cube.

If you want to go wild, you can also look into visualizing it on a chart or calendar to see your progress. If you would like to learn more about how the drag and drop API works, then building a Kanban board is a great way to do that. Here you will learn about how you can drag and drop cards from one column to the other. If you want to persist the state of the cards after page reload, you can also learn about local storage or working with a database, depending on your use case.

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It provides an easy way for potential customers to see your work and also allows you the chance to talk more about your abilities, experiences, and services. The best way to learn any skill is to keep practicing it by working on projects, however many people mistakenly believe they are now experts after viewing tutorials. They don’t originate any projects on their own, hence this is untrue. Front-end web development is also affected by all of these elements. Building projects independently can help you become a superb front-end web developer by increasing your confidence and gradually building your portfolio so that it is job-ready. If you really want to dive into coding, then one of the best ways to do it is to build an app that challenges you to write functioning code.

Easy JavaScript Projects for Beginners

Once you finish your first lessons, you should start working on your first small pet project. We can use “create-react-app” utility on command line interface in your computer machine to https://globalcloudteam.com/ create new react app. It will add most of the scaffolding and basic project structure. A weather application that provides detailed weather details for a location specified by the user.

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Here are some advanced JavaScript projects that go beyond the fundamentals. Because mouseovers are a common element of JavaScript development, spending an afternoon working on a fast mouseover JavaScript project is a good way to pass the time. Watch any single sphere expand by hovering your cursor over it. Random selection, variables, boolean values, user inputs and outputs, strings, lengths, and other concepts will be important to consider. Provide a user interface for the player to enter their estimates. If you’re new to coding, your first project should be something simple like the one we just covered.

  • You can start learning JavaScript through the resources on Hackr.io, such as the best JavaScript certifications.
  • It puts together multiple smaller projects into one big challenge you can take on.
  • In this article that you should try to build independently as you develop your JavaScript skills.
  • You just need to have your hands on a decent code editor and a browser to write and test your scripts.

We have discussed only 15 out of the ocean of cool JavaScript projects. However, these JavaScript sample projects can infuse tons of value into your javascript development portfolio and cover almost all of the important concepts you need to know about JS. Learning how to share files is another useful skill to have.