5. You can meet every day, but don’t change your plans

5. You can meet every day, but don’t change your plans

But, you need to make sure you’re spending quality time together at least once a week, but around 2-3 times per week is obviously better. It depends on your schedule, but 2-3 times means that you’re getting that blend between spending time together and spending time with your friends or alone.

Also, when you arrange to meet up and do something together, don’t cancel it unless you really have to. Date nights are important! [Read: 33 awesome date ideas every couple should try]

As we’ve already said, if you’re not working or studying in the same place, you’re going to find it hard to see each other daily without causing major scheduling issues! That’s okay. We all have our own lives and it’s important to keep those ticking along nicely.

If you want to see each other more often, you can try to fit in a coffee in the afternoon or a meeting at night but seksikГ¤s nuori Guadalajaran naiset don’t start changing your regular plans. When you do that, you’re going to mess up the balance and probably cause another part of your life to go out of whack.

6. If you start to feel overwhelmed, learn your lesson

When trying to figure out how often you should see your boyfriend or girlfriend, you have to remember that it’s not supposed to feel difficult.

If you start to feel overwhelmed and as though you have no time for yourself, pull back a little and take it as a sign that you’re forcing things. If you feel that way, your partner probably does too!

It’s important to find a routine of time alone and time together that works well for the both of you. When it starts to feel stressful, it’s not fun anymore. [Read: How much time should couples spend together? The real answer you need to time it right]

Focus on independence as well as togetherness

When asking yourself how often should you see your boyfriend or girlfriend, spend time in a balanced way. Yes, you should spend time together to build your connection and closeness and to make happy memories together. You also should have your independence too.

That means both partners can go out and see their friends, do their work, concentrate on spending time with family, and also dedicate a little time to their own hobbies and pursuits, while having a little ‘me’ time too.

When you strike this balance between time together and time focused on other things, you have more to talk about when you are together. It gives you a healthier outlook and greater appreciation for one another. [Read: 11 clear signs you’re spending way too much time together]

The perils of spending too much time together

Spending too much time together might seem all adorable and loved-up, but it creates an unrealistic bubble. What are you going to talk about after a while? What happens when the small things about your partner start to annoy you?

Then, you won’t be asking how often should you see your boyfriend or girlfriend, you’ll be asking, how much time should we be spending apart! [Read: How to love your partner without smothering them with too much love]

Having that equal balance and happiness between the two of you allows you to build up a stronger, more lasting connection. Intense relationships, when partners spend every second together, usually end up crashing and burning.

If you want longevity, if you’re truly in it for the long haul, then find a balance in your life, which allows you to maintain your own hobbies and interests, while also being in a close-knit relationship with someone you adore.