Antivirus For iPhone – What You Need to Know

iOS the operating system on the iPhone and iPad is immune to the majority of viruses and malware. It seems like this should suffice to ensure their safety however even the most secure devices are vulnerable to online threats. This is why it’s vital to know about antivirus for iphone and the best method to safeguard your phone against these risks.

Apple’s iOS which is different from Android which is protected by strict security measures and is sandboxed. This makes it difficult to obtain malware on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch unless they’re jailbroken. It’s not required to install an antivirus on your iPhone unless you’re using an unjailbroken phone. Malware can only be spread by apps, and those apps are tested before they’re allowed to be released on the App Store.

The top antivirus for iPhone provides a range check here of internet security tools to guard your devices from phishing sites including spam calendar invites, browser trackers, adware downloads and data-stealing apps, among others. A few of the top antivirus brands also offer parental control features that can improve on the built-in iOS parental controls.

Norton for instance, offers an advanced antivirus app for iphone and mac that includes a range of features to help prevent infections. It has a virus scanner, firewall, web protection and VPN. It also scans dark web for personal data that hackers can access from your device such as bank information or passwords.