Board Meeting Rules – What You Need to Know

Board meetings are where the ideas for the company’s future are presented, debated and finally voted upon. But these discussions aren’t conducted in a vacuum – they need to be guided by established rules for board meetings to keep the discussion on track, and ensure that everyone is heard equally and that everyone is aware of the reasoning behind any decisions which are taken.

An agenda that is clear is essential and should be distributed in advance to allow all directors to prepare for the meeting. The agenda should include any committee or staff reports, any pressing decision that needs to be addressed during the meeting, as well as anything else requiring immediate action.

It is also crucial to determine the location and time of your meeting to ensure it is compatible with the directors’ schedules. This will ensure that the quorum is present and you will make the most of your board meeting by allowing as many members to attend as many as you can. Also, consider how accessible your meeting room is, particularly in the event that there are people with disabilities or other accessibility issues.

Finally, your board meeting should have specific rules regarding the use of audio and video recording devices. This could be restricted to a particular room within the building or to just one camera on tripod. What is considered to be a reasonable limit will vary from business company, but having these clear guidelines will prevent the meeting from becoming diverging discussions that consume precious time for deliberation.