Craig Conover Can’t Handle Naomie Olindo Boning Whitney Sudler-Smith

« I’m good with everyone. If I saw anyone on the cast right now or in our friend group, I would give them a hug, but I don’t think that’s how everyone else feels. So we will find out when you guys do. » That said, Craig says « we really do love each other, » just those friendships are evolving. « When we started to hang out again …. there was some unfinished business, » Craig says. « So Shep and I, if we ever try to talk about anything real or our past, we’re going to butt heads because the only reason we get along now is we’ve accepted that we don’t agree on anything. » Many Southern Charm fans were skeptical, wondering if the hookup actually happened, and speculating that it was faked, so they’d have a storyline on the show. However, other eagle-eyed sleuths pointed out that Craig had said to Whitney, “I don’t get her obsession with you,” and wondered if Naomie had been pining for her castmate all along.

Let’s take a look at Naomie Olindo past relationships, ex-boyfriends and previous hookups. Olindo dished to Leva Bonaparte that Sudler-Smith spent the night at her house after what ended up being a drunken dog wedding. Per usual on Southern Charm, gossip traveled fast, and the entire friend group eventually found out about the hookup.

Naomie Olindo rose to give fame and success after she was a part of Bravo’s hit reality television show, Southern Charm. The television personality and social media influencer soon grabbed attention while her time on the show was filled with some high-end drama. Olindo is also a successful businesswoman who owns an e-commerce company. The reality TV series ‘Southern Charm,’ developed by Bryan Kestner and Whitney Sudler-Smith, is based on the lives of a group of elites belonging to Charleston, South Carolina. In addition to learning about the city’s heritage, southern culture, and local politics, viewers get an insight into the professional and private affairs of the cast members. This includes the reality stars’ daily activities and drama, particularly in their love lives, making the show quite a hit among the fans.

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He thought he had a shot at dating her, but Cameran was already dating her now-husband Jason Wimberly, who is a doctor. Once they began filming, Shep and Cameran hit it off as friends. The said news in question not just knocked the socks out of both of her co-stars, who were shaken to their cores but also shocked the fans who just can not fathom this scenario even in their dreams.

Naomie Olindo confesses to hooking up with Whitney Sudler-Smith

A particular man is in TV star Naomie Olindo’s life, she recently revealed in a big BravoCon 2022 news! The 30-year-old did not reveal the identity of the mystery man, but she did explain how, given her previous public relationships, she would try to keep everything out of the media spotlight. Olindo started talking about how her previous relationships had been a bit of a train wreck and that she didn’t want to share everything with the world as they continued to discuss it.

And I’m very happy.” She has always been fond of Whitney and is close to his mother, Patricia. Moreover, later in their get-together, the alleged pair tried to compliment each other, nurturing their bonds. Naomie had wrapped up her life in town to start a new one in New York City, believing that her long-time boyfriend, Metul Shah, was the one she would be with forever.

Preview the Season 4 Drama!

Naomie Olinda has made her comeback to the new season of the American reality show with a blast! We do not know if this was the aftereffect of the bad ending of her three-year-long relationship with Metul Shah (who cheated on her) or something else. But it seems like she is more than enthusiastic about kick-starting her dating journey. Olindo started working with an organization that works on ending the orphan cycle through care, prevention, and stewardship while studying for her MBA second semester. She became a part of the initiative through one of her friends.

The pair made out during a night of dinner and drinks at the villa. At the same event, Whitney informed Shep that he and Naomie haven’t put a label on their romance. “Oh my god, speaking of the dog wedding, I didn’t tell you, but right after, I did kiss Whitney,” Naomie admits in the episode, per Page Six. Naomi, however, acknowledged that they are not seeing after all when Andy Cohen, the reunion’s host, questioned them about their relationship status.

In 2017, the couple separated and she started dating Metul Shah. Olindo began working as Vice President of marketing in the Ben Carter Enterprises. Naomie was known to people after she oneamour com appeared in Bravo’s hit series, Southern Charm. With Leva making her way to Naomie’s home, the two sat down, nursing their hangover and discussing what went down at the doggie wedding.

During the August 18 episode of the Bravo series, Naomie revealed that she and Whitney had a “fun” hookup up after the group’s dog wedding. When Craig, who is a good friend of the Southern Charm producer, found out he didn’t take the news well. Rose to fame appearing alongside boyfriend Craig Conover on the popular Bravo reality series Southern Charm.

« [You’ve] been very loyal, a good friend, and just a great shoulder to cry on, » he told Olindo. After they had both lost their fathers, perhaps they found comfort in each other, which possibly led to a budding romance. Fans were first introduced to Metul during Season 6 of Southern Charm. « I’m just happy as a clam, » Naomie said in the first episode of the season. « I remember I saw him out and was like ‘He is hot, I want to date him.' » And that’s exactly what happened. Naomie is not currently dating anyone in public, but according to Cheatsheet, she said she has moved on and jumped back into dating.