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Then in 1899, he was declared a Doctor of the Church, a title awarded by the Catholic Church to rejoice noteworthy contributions to theological, doctrinal, or different fields of learning, alongside such other scholars similar to St. Augustine of Hippo and Thomas Aquinas. This truth, greater than any of his judgments on the Soviet order and its future, and even his criticisms of this or that feature of Western life and scholarship, accounts for the hostility to Solzhenitsyn in the West. His espousal of the ideals of a Christian civilization, expressed with the in-your-face rhetoric of the biblical prophet, might solely elicit disgust and hatred from these being denounced. His acceptance of democratic forms, not as ends in themselves however solely as means to freedom, could find no sympathy amongst critics whose personal commitments had little room for freedom.

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Philosophy or Ontology, 1730).

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