Eset Security Assessment

About the product

Eset Net Security can be an anti-virus and firewall solution designed for Windows devices. It offers protection against network attacks and malware, along using a range of additional features such as a secure web browser, password supervisor and document encryption system.

Pricing & Plans

The technology is available in three or more main pricing plans – Essential, Advanced and Prime – every single of which requires a different pair of features. The last mentioned is the most extensive and gives you a good collection of security features for a reasonable price.

What included

The package combines all the popular features of the company’s older antivirus fit with new Live Shield (an extra layer of cloud analysis), a password supervisor and document encryption system, as well as anti-theft tools that track your gadgets through GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM and ?screenshots? of their activity. It also gives a secure internet browser, banking and payment protection and a unsolicited mail filter.

Starting out

The interface is laid out simply and with the majority of features outlined in a menu on the left and viewed in a dash in the centre. This makes it easy to find the feature you are considering, but it’s not always crystal clear or intuitive to use.

Diagnostic scan options happen to be limited in comparison to the competition, even though you can generate scan users for more certain checks of the files and folders. A complete scan of your 50GB of executables important site took thirty-three: 23 mins – the fastest time among the best AV products we analyzed, and only a little longer than Trend Micro’s and Bitdefender’s quick verification that take a look at only a select few important areas within the system.