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Bucky pulled his hand away, chest feeling tight as he watched her face scrunch in confusion. Her face was almost ethereal, and the cheap street light did no justice to the way she looked. The air outside was as cold as the inside was stuffy. It filled Bucky’s lungs, stinging in the best way, as they started walking down the sidewalk. They’re steps were slow, aimless, and almost silent. The streets were dark and empty, save the intermittent streetlights.

Sebastian Stan’s PDA Is so Low-Key, Fans Didn’t Recognize His Girlfriend of More Than a Year

You wanted to say no to the offer, but you had no idea why. You couldn’t stop your eyebrows from raising in surprise. Since when did Bucky ever step down and try to compromise? Back when you had still been dating, he was the most stubborn motherfucker on the planet. You wished it didn’t make you want to see him right there and then, for everything to be like it was at the beginning, when you were young and in love and nothing else mattered.

You couldn’t make out what his expression meant, and you realized just how long it had been. He looked nothing like the Bucky that had existed in your memories. Gone was the short, ruffled mop of hair on his head, replaced by long, chestnut locks pushed back from his face to curl around the back of his neck. He was much bigger, more muscular, and had a scattering of stubble on his face.

There’s nothing to be gained, when that representation is so lacking, in adding fuel to the idea that characters are default heterosexual until proven otherwise by some canon-wielding authority. So Variety ran with a headline that is now sending a portion of Marvel fandom into angry retweet-with-eyeroll.gif mode. Variety’s sort of framing isn’t helpful or necessary, but there’s a lot to unpack here. The biggest stories of the day delivered to your inbox. He met the former Revenge actress in 2009 while they were working together on the film Spread. However, they didn’t start dating until five years later.

You were slightly taken aback by the question, not having an answer prepared. Bucky reached out from behind you, offering a hand to Jared which he shook. You stilled when his front made contact with your back, his hand releasing Jared’s only to take its place on your side. Jared didn’t reply though, eyes leaving your face to look behind you. You were seriously considering throwing yourself off a cliff by the time you were back in his car and he was driving you home. You were being ridiculous, you knew, but over the course of the last couple of hours, you had come to the realization that you were actually utterly ruined for anyone else.

Doll, Bucky Barnes ➸ Sam Wilson

Bucky turned his head and smiled at them too, before he turned back to Nat. Bucky was coughing again, trying to not laugh, and that effectively made you duck your head so you could dissolve into giggles. You didn’t look up until someone plopped http://www.datingranker.net/ down on the other side of you, making you look up and meet Nat’s amused eyes. So you resorted to your go-to coping mechanism; avoiding your feelings in favor of sarcastic humor. Which led to various comments and quips throughout the night.

While Bucky looks to be cured of HYDRA programming, having someone capable of looking out for themselves around him would likely help him to be at ease. With Barnes rejoining the world of superheroes in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Yelena joining the MCU in Black Widow, the spotlight is on the two characters, and they have a great deal in common. With Natasha and Yelena both being a part of the Red Room experiment by the Soviets, and Barnes a former Soviet/HYDRA experiment, they share some considerable history that they’re trying to move beyond. This brought closure to both his friend and Bucky’s list at the cost of their friendship. His written profile is probably a little more difficult. He hasn’t dated since the 1940s, and did we mention he spent the better part of a century as a killer?

Bucky didn’t say anything else before turning around and leaving, the elephant in the room still unaddressed. Said elephant being the words that had been exchanged last night. You sighed when you heard the elevator doors shut, leaning against the counter again, the warmth of the coffee cup seeping into your hands. You had to remind yourself then, that none of this was going to play out the way any usual wedding would.

“Please don’t leave me too.” You repeated, eyes falling shut, the tears making them burn. You grabbed his hand in a death grip as soon as he got in, and he let you. A gentle thumb drew patterns on the back of your hand all the way home, the other sliding over the steering wheel. The silence was filled with your sniffles and occasional hiccups, still reeling.

This was all because of how much time you were spending with Bucky these days. “Holy shit.” You whispered, voice shaking with the effort to not cackle. The woman he had pointed out was wearing the most horrendous red and gold dress you had ever seen, complete with an insane amount of jewelry.