How to Effectively Manage a Board Meeting

Board meeting management encompasses all the steps before, during and after a board of director meeting. This includes notes of risks, decisions voting and agenda items for meetings. You can ensure that your board meetings accomplish their objective by implementing the right strategies: deciding on company strategies and defining the teams’ activities to achieve these strategies.

To ensure that discussions are productive, adhere to your agenda and limit the amount of time you spend on reports. For instance, limiting the number of executive reports by inviting key executives for just one or two agenda items will allow for a deeper discussion on the most important strategic issues, and gives executives the chance to share their opinions directly with the board.

If a topic that is new is discussed during the meeting. Encourage board members to discuss it between sessions or outside of the boardroom. This will help save time in the meeting, and allow everyone to concentrate on the issues in the present. Discussions that diverge from the main agenda can easily consume the entire board meeting. This is particularly the case when they happen in the middle of a subject on the agenda. To avoid this, ask participants for topics that don’t relate to the current discussion to be moved into an « parking area. » When the meeting has ended you should review the parking space and decide what needs to be added to the following agenda or delegated.

Use software that tracks results and store all the information related to the meeting. Choose a user-friendly interface and seamless integrations to ensure that your attendees are able to join the meeting and remain focused.

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