How to Find Altcoins before They Spike: Best Tips for Investors

Token Alerts – This feature lets you set up alerts for your saved queries. This way, you basically analyze on-chain data on autopilot and get notified whenever new opportunities arise. We built Moralis Money in direct response to the three challenges above.

With a lower network hash rate, the mining process tends to be quicker. As the shift occurs, Wainman says that crypto investors should look at the projects and markets that have done well on the Ethereum blockchain and find their BSC equivalents. Stablecoins how to find new crypto coins are cryptocurrencies designed to follow the price of another asset. Most of the biggest stablecoins are pegged to the U.S. dollar and attempt to mimic its value. If the price fluctuates, the issuer of the coin will take steps to correct it.

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The cryptocurrency market covers much more breadth than the traditional markets, especially at lower capitalization levels. We have identified 8 different market capitalization levels within the crypto market. For example, the growth potential of any of the top 10 cryptocurrencies may be at most 2x-10x. While some of these ‘blue-chip’ cryptos may offer the most price stability and offer decent long-term returns, they aren’t going to generate life-changing wealth. In the search box at the top, look for the cryptocurrency you are seeking – for example, Bitcoin – and click it.

  • However, the most crucial is that ADA maintains the level of trading rates it reached during the first bull run of 2021.
  • They give value to an altcoin by adopting its use case and validating its legitimacy and popularity.
  • Now I definitely know the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2021 for a long-term.
  • In all of the above examples, we were querying the Ethereum chain.
  • We also showed you how to get going with Token Explorer, how to work with Token Shield, and how to utilize Token Alerts.

Bitgert, or BRISE, is a relatively young crypto project — it was launched in 2021. However, it has already managed to establish a strong and dedicated community that believes in its fundamental value. The profits from mining are miniscule, or worse, negative from a home pc. This is because of electricity costs and you are competing against many people. Many of them are in it to win having spent thousands of dollars on their computers and leaving them to only mine coin 24 hours a day. Mining difficulty is a built in mechanism used by the cryptocurrency network to automatically changes the difficulty of the problems that need to be solved.

Examples of altcoins

Therefore, it’s essential for investors to conduct independent research and understand that there are no guarantees in the world of altcoin investing. In other words, by choosing the best altcoins, investors have the chance to target attractive returns. As noted earlier, there are even altcoin projects that cater to the industries of gaming, sustainability, trading analysis, fitness, and more. Due to this growing frenzy, Dogecoin is also attaining mainstream adoption.

how to find new altcoins

A valid project should have a realistic, obtainable goal and utility for their coin. They will try to do something completely different compared with traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Here is a table comparing some of the most popular altcoin (crypto-to-crypto) exchanges.

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For several months in a row, it has set new records that significantly exceed the results of the first bull run in 2021. More highs are likely to come in 2023, and we might see the Solana coin become Ethereum’s main rival. The team at only recommends products and services that we would use ourselves and that we believe will provide value to our readers. Since the mining difficulty of each cryptocoin is constantly altering, so does its mining profitability.

how to find new altcoins

The Bitgert ecosystem is positioned as an alternative to DEX platforms like PancakeSwap. It lets users securely receive, store, send, and exchange their favorite cryptocurrencies with incredibly low fees. Algorand has a lot of partnerships lined up for the future and seems to be on the cusp of the next price rally.

Swords of Blood – One of the Best Altcoins for Exposure to the Blockchain Gaming Niche

Knowing how to assess and evaluate a cryptocurrency is a key element when it comes to finding crypto gems. We have put together a guide here on how to evaluate a cryptocurrency. Ten years ago, finding low-cap gems was relatively easy as there were only a few hundred cryptocurrencies actively traded. Although you may need some funds, it should not be an overwhelming amount of money.

how to find new altcoins

As with any other emerging technology, crypto will eventually mature to the point where we’ll agree on a common language. This gives you a great overview of the blockchain solutions that exist in different market segments. It is highly recommended that you have relevant knowledge of the respective market or use cases. The top-down method is to first research and find a promising industry that you are interested in first, then explore the sub-sectors within the industry. After that analyse individual projects within a specific sector.

Ethereum – The Most Popular Altcoin and the Largest by Market Cap

With its global reach and decentralized nature, DeeLance connects users to exceptional job opportunities and talent. The platform’s native token, $DLANCE, operates on the Ethereum blockchain and can be used to purchase NFTs, rent office space in the metaverse, and more. YPredict uses natural language processing to evaluate the tone of many tokens simultaneously.

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The above graph shows the individual proportions of the largest ten cryptoassets relative to the total market capitalization of all assets. Since BTC was the first asset, it has remained the largest by market cap, which is why it’s dominance in the market is a number that many people follow. We describe the assets tracked in this chart as cryptoassets because it includes tokens and stablecoins. Whether altcoins are a good investment for you depends on your understanding of cryptocurrency and your investing goals.