Meghan Trainor Marries Spy Kids Star Daryl Sabara On Her 25th Birthday

« I try to thank him every single day. I’m like, ‘I couldn’t do any of these dreams without you taking care of our kid and taking care of my family,' » she shared. « I probably am not going to take that long of a break, » she admitted to ET. « I told them the first three months, leave me alone—me, baby, that’s it. And husband. » Today Show in January she was expecting her second baby with the Spy Kids star. He sits when he pees, and we are like, « what are we doing today, baby? »,’ she revealed on Fitzy & Wippa With Kate Ritchie. (Yes, there are already four Spy Kids.) If Meghan isn’t into the acting thing, she could at least perform a song at the end.

« Thank you for helping me on tour every day and for making me feel so special #UntouchableTour » Trainor wrote with a heart emoji. « I love Madrid, and this guy, » Trainor wrote with a heart emoji to express her feelings for Spain, and her new beau. We will automatically post your comment and a link to the news story to your Facebook timeline at the same time it is posted on MailOnline. To do this we will link your MailOnline account with your Facebook account. We’ll ask you to confirm this for your first post to Facebook.

« She’s like, ‘I know the nicest guy in the world, Daryl, and you should meet him,' » Trainor revealed

Meghan Trainor has further admitted that her busy schedule is the only thing keeping them from trying at the moment. Trainor added that while she soon has to travel the world really quickly but is hopeful of getting pregnant before the end of the year and that a new baby is on her calendar. Want to know who is popular artist Meghan Trainor is married to? American singer-songwriter and television personality Meghan Trainor has been a part of the music industry for a while now. She rose to fame and success after releasing the single track All About That Bass in 2014. The track was a massive hit and even reached number one on the U.S.

Many of their famous friends congratulated them on the arrival of their baby boy, including Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown. Nevertheless, she urged that they set limits and draw the line jointly. Trainor said, « My husband can drop it like it’s hot but I will wait until the last second. » The ‘Make You Look’ hitmaker revealed that she is expecting a second child with the ‘Spy Kids’ actor on the US Today Show in January.

Daryl posted pictures on social pictures as the father-son duo matched in blue outfits. The two cannot get over their son, and like every other doting parent, they are also making sure that they look back at these memories with joy and happiness. During the sweet reunion, the co-star’s spouses even made guest appearances. While PenaVega’s husband, Carlos PenaVega from Big Time Rush and their children Ocean and Kingston starred in the livestream, Sabara’s famous wife Meghan Trainor appeared in the video as well. Trainor first made it known in September that she was trying for twins and could possibly be able to conceive them. The pop sensation also expressed her desire to start a huge family with Sahara.


However, for practical reasons, she said that she was waiting until she toured with her third album, Treat Myself. Sabara also posted an affectionate tribute to his soon-to-be bride. Before wishing her a happy anniversary, he wrote, « For two years now, every single day has gotten better. I love you forever and always. » On Thursday, the Spy Kids star shared a snapshot of him and Trainor, which he sweetly captioned, « So proud of you. » The Me Too hitmaker further revealed that she would love a daughter while adding that she is going to eat acidic foods cause she heard that it helps get a daughter.

On Saturday, which also happened to be her 25th birthday, Trainor exchanged vows with her fiancé, actor Daryl Sabara. According to People, the two married in an intimate backyard ceremony in front of 100 friends and family members. As Daryl Barbara is married to the singing sensation Meghan Trainor, they two are eHarmony premium quite close-knit and have often displayed their fair share of PDA on social media. Meghan’s brother Ryan Trainor recently made a rather shocking revelation that the couple is a bit too close-knit! Meghan and Daryl’s son Riley recently made a small yet adorable cameo in the singer’s newest Christmas music video.

Trainor and Sabara had to be madly in love only to become engaged the following year. Sabara proposed to Trainor on her 24th birthday, which she celebrated with family and friends. Trainor considers Sabara the love of her life, and Sabara considers Trainor his soulmate. « Every day at Top Chef, I have my family there, my baby there, and every day at Clash of the Cover Bands, my whole gang is with me, » she shared on Daily Pop. « They literally get me through every day and they help me realize how fun and awesome my jobs are at time when I feel stressed out or overwhelmed. I love being a working mom and just being a boss queen. » Trainor and Sabara went bowling and even sang in karaoke on a double date with Moretz and her then-alleged boyfriend, Brooklyn Beckham.

Believe it or not, there was actor life after Spy Kids for Sabara, with some pretty impressive roles. Among his most impressive was an arc on Weeds as Tim Scottson, Nancy Botwin’s (Mary-Louise Parker) stepson, attempted assassin, and business manager. Sabara has also appeared in Friends, House, Wizards of Waverly Place, and Hulu’s Resident Advisors.

“I hardly ever see them since they have their side of the House, which we call the man cave. While Justin is a music producer who has collaborated with Meghan on numerous of her songs, Ryan is a college student who also plays music. Her subsequent albums and songs, including “Lips Are Movin’,” “Dear Future Husband,” and “No Excuses,” have all been commercial successes.

In a sweet Instagram post, Trainor proudly showed off the first public photo of her little boy and shared his name with fans. Daryl Sabara and Meghan Trainor first met in 2014 at a party. According to Yahoo! News, this was before Trainor’s meteoric rise to fame with « All About That Bass. » At the time, she was reportedly intrigued by Sabara, whom she cutely referred to as « Spy Kids » all night long. Though they both felt some instant chemistry, they didn’t start dating until 2016, and as it turns out, they have a very famous friend to thank for that first date. Amidst the global pandemic, celebrities are having surprise reunions all over social media. Famous boy bands like One Direction and NSYNC, as well as TV shows such as Gossip Girl are planning virtual reunions in honor of their die-hard fans.

« So now I’m just trying to knock off all my dreams on my dream list. » Dressed in matching Minnie and Mickey sweaters, Trainor and Sabara took their son, Riley, to « The Happiest Place on Earth » for the very first time. « It was just really frustrating not having an answer, » Trainor added. « Not having answers for why my kid didn’t wake up for a week was very frustrating. » « I mean, we get pretty freaky, but not, like, too much, » Trainor said. « It was for a friend who was too, too shy to get a vibrator and lube, so I bought it for her. »

They incorporated some Jewish traditions into their wedding, like smashing of the glass and chair lifts during the hora. The video begins with Riley just staring at the camera, presumably gazing at the person recording (maybe his mom?). In another scene, he’s playing with a toy kitchen and dishes, then runs to the camera giggling. Trainor’s music is sometimes characterized as a fusion of pop, R&B, and doo-wop, and she has received accolades for her uplifting songs and message about having a healthy body image. Sadly, the star experienced « terrifying » complications at Riley’s birth. During an appearance on the Today show, the new mom told interviewers that she only got to see him for « one second » before they took him away.

The pair shared their relationship with the world in October 2016 and have openly declared their love for each other ever since. Sabara supported Trainor when she had to have a second vocal cord surgery, and the two went on Trainor’s tours together. After getting engaged in 2017, they married a year later on Trainor’s 25th birthday. While Meghan Trainor is not pregnant, baby no.2 is already on her mind! The popular songstress has admitted that she is ready for baby number 2 with her husband, Daryl Sabara.