Perception Met – from the Jenn24 – I am Jenn and you may I am 24 years old

Perception Met – from the Jenn24 – I am Jenn and you may I am 24 years old

It is a story on my personal first time using my puppy and a friend’s canine. During my thrill I have found anything aside regarding me personally that’s quite interesting. (F, beast)

Recorded Having Pet – by Bob Wallace – « I love whatever can give me pleasure, » Felicia purred, « should it be a man, a female.  » She paused, lookin Charlotte inside the eye. « . otherwise pets. » (MF/FF/monster, nc, rp, s&yards, voy, bd, drugs)

Very first time That have Your dog – because of the BBW Pussy – Whilst training porno an excellent bbw girl becomes a shock out of their particular canine. Their particular dog starts to eat their particular pussy in which he girl finds out one she enjoys it. (bbw/dog)

Flicker – because of the Kage – An invasion particularly few other. Alien lifestyle fundamentally happens but not in a type we ever requested. Luckily for some, it leads to some quite interesting changes in the feminine type. (FFM, v, sci-fi, beast, ws)

Luck Out-of Battle – by Robin – Giselle was grabbed by Vietcong following offered in order to a beneficial traveling circus. What follows is their account off just how she obtained their unique liberty. (MMF, far-eastern, exh, nc, v, beast)

Enjoyable On Regional Gloryhole – of the Gloryholelover – Kyle along with his brother Tim explore both sexually and then have a great time during the regional gloryhole

Fox And you may Hounds – of the Ken L. Master – A good runaway teen was acquired of the a couple female and you will finds out by herself looking after the brand new animals in their breeding kennel. (FF/F-teen, nc, bd, voy, initially, beast) Region 2 – Area 3 – Part 4 – Area 5 – Part six – Area seven – Region 8 – Part nine – Part ten – Region 11 – Region a dozen – Region thirteen – Area fourteen – Part fifteen – Region sixteen Liberty? Rejected! – by Jonnerz – An early on man wanders towards a big palace for example mansion only to locate themselves enslaved because of the its people and you may forced to fill out. Sick and tired of their new way life, he finds peace inside the an early on girl and you will a canine lover. (m/f, m/monster, nc, v, yng, bd)

Banged In the arena – because of the Graham F Cutler – A story off a cross-wardrobe entitled Suzy, that meets men having sex and then meets the one that wishes so you can screw her in the center of a field

Freshman – because of the Kelly – Away from good fledgling sense once senior school, I had maybe not think much on the animals up until I thought i’d get one regarding my during my 2nd semester from the school. (F/beast)

Family – by the Annon – Enjoying brand new neighbor put-on a program with her dog. After a couple of products I have my personal girlfriend to join in too. (MFF, beast)

Exactly what he cannot give her, would be the fact the guy desires his Boxer puppy in order to shag their as better. (MM, exh, mast, oral, anal, voy, beast)

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Screwing Your family Canine – by Michael – An early man gets his rocks off regarding family members’ female dobby. (M-teen/F-puppy, voy, 1st-beastal)

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