Pinchwife: Gets a great cuckold once pressing his spouse his naive spouse away regarding him

Pinchwife: Gets a great cuckold once pressing his spouse his naive spouse away regarding him


Harry Horner : A well known London area rake just who, in order to acquire sexual use of “respectable” female, advances brand new rumor you to venereal problem features made your impotent. Horner is considered the most insightful of all “wits” in the enjoy, will drawing out and you can leaving comments into moral failings away from anybody else.


– Even when inside the announcing to everyone that he is a keen impotent eunuch, Horner fundamentally emasculates themselves and you may removes all of it that renders your men, he’s really the very brilliant reputation throughout the gamble since he could be the one who looks like ‘having it all’.

Mr. He is a middle-aged man freshly hitched towards country wife Margery. A rake prior to their wedding, they are now the brand new archetypal jealous spouse: he resides in concern about being cuckolded, maybe not once the he enjoys his partner however, as the guy thinks one he owns their particular. They are a latent tyrant, probably violent.

– He’s proper as he says you to cuckolds are the fresh new producers of one’s own bad luck. He requires all safety measure to store his spouse out-of losing to the the fresh new predatory hand out of Horner. Foolishly, he’s the appliance that brings about this event.

Margery Pinchwife : The beautiful younger “nation spouse” of your term, Margery is freshly partnered so you’re able to Jack Pinchwife which can be seeing London area for the first time observe Alithea’s marriage. this woman is from the country along with her profile seems to be extremely foolish and you will childish. She seems to be perhaps not experienced which will be proud of anything and you will what you. Shes more youthful and you can pretty.

Alethea Pinchwife : Alithea ‘s the Younger sis out-of Jack Pinchwife. She is involved so you can Sparkish. during new gamble, although not, she pulls Harcourt, which she starts to value to possess their intelligence and you can gallantry. Alethea is the most straightforwardly admirable member of this new enjoy: their unique quarters inside London area and you may exhilaration of pleasures of your city enjoys sharpened their particular wits but not dulled their morals. Alithea could very well be many brilliant and, therefore, fascinating of all the characters. Althea ‘s the simply lady in the whole play which acts with self-respect and you will wise practice.

Frank Harcourt : Good rakish buddy away from Horner, Harcourt suits Alethea at the beginning of the play, flirts along with her in front of Sparkish, and soon falls crazy about their unique. His devotion so you can Alethea bespeaks his very first a good characteristics, as well as in the class of the enjoy he is transformed into an eyesight away from marriage predicated on common like and you may admiration, Harcourt an even more likeable profile than just about any other regarding play. The guy, as well, was witty and you can pleasant to help you women, seem to revealing a few of the personal and you will personality traits regarding Horner.

Mr. Sparkish :A superficial and you can stupid playboy whom takes into account himself, improperly, good “wit.” They are interested so you’re able to Alithea, lured mainly by their own money. The guy doesnt in fact like Alithea and you will plays doing together with her thinking such as for example not getting jealous regarding Harcourt teasing with Alithea. The guy just cares throughout the themselves, his physical appearance and just how some one look for him as. He does not worthy of like.

Lucy : Alithea’s smart and you may sensible maidservant. She actually is skeptical away from their own mistress’s plans to marry the vapid Sparkish, and you may the woman is resourceful during the discovering strategies in order to prompt a match having Harcourt.

Sir Jasper Fidget: They are ready to trust his wife, Lady Fidget, to Horner’s business, towards principle your exposure of the heading eunuch often continue their occupied and you will discourage the fresh advances regarding almost every other, stronger guys. He tends to make unlimited and mindless jokes throughout the Horner’s alleged male erectile dysfunction. Woman Fidget : New wife regarding Sir Jasper Fidget, she actually is far younger than their own husband and a respected contour inside the “the brand new virtuous gang.” Entirely hypocritical, she piques by herself on the advantage in public areas and you may avails by herself out of Horner’s bodily appeal independently. Late throughout the gamble she articulates a coverage of hypocrisy off higher-born ladies’.