Secure Document Exchange Portals

Information sharing across departments like marketing, finance, product development, and human resources is essential to a successful business. But while traditional electronic methods such as email and FTP provide more convenience than paper, they do not deliver the security, control and tracking that highly confidential materials require.

A secure document exchange platform is a digital platform which allows businesses to share confidential files with their customers. It simplifies and streamlines collaboration while reducing the risk of data breach.

Secure document exchange portals secure documents at rest and during transit by using encryption technology, which reduces the risk for hacking and cyber-attacks. They also provide additional security features that email cannot match, for example two-factor authentication, password-protection and digital signatures.

With a secure document exchange portal you can easily create templates for standard groups of documents that are automatically distributed to your clients in accordance with their specific file type or other requirements. This can reduce the need for manual requests for documents and facilitates collaboration with your clients which allows you to keep up with the demand, without compromising security.

The best document management systems and client portals offer unlimited online storage, making it simple to organize your clients’ files. They also let you locate files by simply searching for file names, tags and text within the file, and generate an audit trail that is timestamped for every activities.

Document management software should incorporate an effective backup system and be regularly tested to ensure it can recover from failures. It is also important to educate your employees on document sharing protocols and stress their importance.