Skills for a Successful Board Member

A board member who is successful has traditional leadership traits that include strong ethics and an understanding of governance issues. They also have a high level of communication abilities and the capacity to motivate and inspire others. They also possess an uncanny being curious and have a constantly learning mindset, and are always seeking ways to improve their performance.

The interviewer wants to find out if your experience as a board member has prepared you for complex issues. You should be able provide an example of how your leadership has prevented the board from taking risks in relation to regulatory and legal matters, and made sure that the company is following best practices. You should also describe how you helped the board to establish clear policies, protocols and procedures that will guide the future of the company.

One of the most important traits for an effective board member is their capacity to question and challenge each other. The interviewer will want to find out if your connection with the other members of the board is sufficient to handle difficult discussions, and if you can help the company figure out its way forward when it goes off-track.

Board members are bound by fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of the company. They must also know their limitations when it comes down to decisions that could affect the company. The willingness to challenge a company’s decision is an indication that the organization has integrity. It can also help it to progress in its pursuit to grow.