The Best Virtual Spaces For Collaboration

Remote work is on the rise and companies must increase collaboration and teamwork. The best video calls and software for communication cannot match the intimacy of face-to-face meetings.

This is where immersive virtual spaces come in handy. These virtual spaces aren’t just meeting tools, they offer a way for teams to collaborate and communicate in a fully interactive 3D setting. This is particularly useful for sprint retrospectives and other meetings that require close collaboration.

Virtual environments have different impact on creativity, productivity and teamwork just like real-world ones. That’s why it’s essential to choose the best one.

Here are some of the most effective virtual workspaces for collaboration.

A virtual workspace that offers a customizable office experience with physical spaces for meetings and workspaces for individual users is a great choice for teams that are remote or hybrid. Glue provides a range of settings, from outdoor spaces to more formal spaces perfect for meetings and presentations. For instance, Glue’s Clarity Island is a relaxing beach-side setting ideal for creative workshops and team-building, while Mont Matiz is a calm hilltop location that is perfect for meetings and discussions.