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At all situations, if you suppose that gals are probably to receive affect in the condition, it is prudent to enlighten their understandings, that they may possibly not make an absurd or pernicious use of their electric power. You enchantment to heritage, to demonstrate that fantastic calamities have ensued every time the woman sex has attained power nonetheless you acknowledge that we cannot with certainty determine no matter whether these evils have been the results of our trusting them with liberty, or of our neglecting previously to instruct them in the use of it: – on the decision of this concern rests your full argument.

In a most dreadful tone of declamation, you bid me follow the historical past of female character, from the courtroom of Augustus to that of Louis XIV, and inform you whether or not I can hesitate to accept, that the liberty and influence of ladies have constantly been the biggest during the decline of empires. – But you have not proved to me that females had additional expertise, that they ended up far better educated, at the court of Augustus, or all through the reign of Louis XIV, than at any other put, or during any other period of time of the globe as a result your argument gains absolutely nothing by the admission of your assertions and unless I could trace the background of woman education and learning, it is vain for me to follow what you simply call the background of female character. It is, however, impressive, that the suggests by which the sexual intercourse have hitherto received that species of electricity which they have abused, have arisen mainly from their private, and not from their mental skills from their skill in the arts of persuasion, and from their achievements not from their excellent powers of reasoning, or from the cultivation of their comprehending.

The most refined species of coquetry can definitely be practised in the greatest perfection by ladies, who to particular graces unite all the fascination of wit and eloquence. There is infinite threat in permitting this sort of gals to obtain ability devoid of getting acquired behavior of reasoning. Rousseau admires these sirens but the procedure of Rousseau, pursued to its fullest extent, would overturn the earth, would make each female a Cleopatra, and each male an Antony it would demolish all domestic virtue, all domestic contentment, all the pleasures of fact and appreciate. – In the midst of that delirium of passion to which Antony gave the identify of enjoy, what should have been the condition of his degraded, wretched soul, when he could suspect his mistress of styles on his daily life? – To overcome him of these suspicions, she at a banquet poisoned the bouquets of his garland, waited till she observed him inflamed with wine, then persuaded him to crack the tops of his flowers into his goblet, and just stopped him when the cup was at his lips, exclaiming – « Those flowers are poisoned: you see that I do not want the signifies of destroying you, if you were being become tiresome to me, or if I could reside with no you.

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 » – And this is the satisfied pair who instituted the orders of The inimitable enthusiasts! – and The companions in demise!These are the conditions which should early be pointed out, to equally sexes, with all the electrical power of fact: enable them understand that the most beautiful arts of the most consummate coquette, could not obtain the self-confidence of him, who sacrificed to her charms, the empire of the globe. It is from the practical experience of the previous that we need to kind our judgment of the long term. How unjustly you accuse me of needing to destroy the memory of previous experiments, the knowledge gathered by the labour of ages! You would prohibit this treasure of knowledge to one-half of the human species and I on the opposite would lay it open to all my fellow-creatures.

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