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Twelve years later, Dr. Nash came across references to the child when digitizing the birthing clinic’s patient records, and thus suspected what had happened to Stroud. He then tried to blackmail Rickover, causing Rickover to hire Kazarinski to kill him and poison Monk so he wouldn’t be able to piece everything together. In the present day, Monk finds that his latest case is taking him back to the same birthing clinic. Although Stottlemeyer offers Monk the chance to sit the case out, he insists he is okay. The pair learn that Dr. Nash had been shot dead while digitizing patient records. Monk concludes that the murder was committed by a professional hitman, and the police soon find a partial fingerprint that identifies the suspect as Joey Kazarinski.

She moves to New Jersey midway through season three, leaving only a note. However, she returns in the final season in « Mr. Monk and Sharona » to give closure to her character. By « Mr. Monk and the End « , she and Randy are revealed to have moved to New Jersey together.

Monk encounters an old crush from junior high when she hires him to discover why her housekeeper was killed and her favorite painting vandalized. On Halloween, Monk visits his brother Ambrose in his childhood home to await a visit from his long-absent father, but things take a strange turn when a masked trick-or-treater repeatedly tries to steal Halloween candy from Ambrose’s house. While in Sin City for a bachelor party, Stottlemeyer enlists Monk to prove a casino mogul’s wife death wasn’t accidental. « Remember how pissed everyone was about the Gal Gadot ‘Imagine’ video? » MacFarlane says in the intro, referencing the « Wonder Woman » star’s ill-received attempt to lift spirits with some celebrity karaoke. « Well, we thought it would be a good idea to do that five nights a week for a whole month with lesser-known celebrities. » The final episode of Monk has aired and our review can be found on the first page.

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Monk later meets Jack Jr. in the episode « Mr. Monk’s Other Brother », and helps to clear him of murder. Series co-creator David Hoberman says that he based Monk partly on himself, and also on other fictional detectives, such as Lt. Columbo, Hercule Poirot and Sherlock Holmes. Other actors considered for the role included Dave Foley, John Ritter, Henry Winkler, Stanley Tucci, Alfred Molina and Michael Richards. The network eventually chose Shalhoub because they felt he could « bring the humor and passion of Monk to life ». Stanley Tucci and Alfred Molina had guest appearances on Monk, with Tucci appearing in season 5 episode « Mr. Monk and the Actor », and Molina appearing in season 6 episode « Mr. Monk and the Naked Man ». Perhaps one of television’s oddest detectives, Adrian Monk solved many crimes during Monk’s run on the USA Network.

Natalie Teeger (Traylor Howard; seasons 3–8) is Monk’s second and final assistant. Although she is more deferential to her boss than Sharona, referring to him as « Mr. Monk », she is not hesitant about telling him when his eccentricities are going too far. A young widow who lives with her daughter Julie, Natalie lost her husband Mitch when he was shot down over Kosovo in 1998. Natalie was introduced partway through season three when Bitty Schram, who played Sharona, left « precipitous », reportedly over a contract dispute. Traylor Howard had not yet seen the show and was unenthusiastic about her manager’s urgings to audition as Schram’s replacement. Despite her initial « cool » reception from fans, show co-creator Andy Breckman believes Traylor quickly and successfully filled the void.


For the episode, Snoop Dogg performed a hip-hop cover of « It’s a Jungle Out There » that substitutes for Randy Newman’s version in the opening credits, and at the end before transitioning into the regular credit music. The June 16, 2008, reairing of the pilot episode featured a new credit sequence with the Newman theme. The season-eight episode « Happy Birthday, Mr. Monk » features a slower version of the original theme with a muted trumpet playing the melody. The original theme is heard in the season-three episode « Mr. Monk and the Game Show ». It is heard in several other episodes as the show enters the credits and then leads into the new theme’s instrumental version.

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While I enjoyed the first part, I knew that the slow pace of which it took would pay off in this episode and boy did it ever. The show wasted no time throwing the audience back into things and I was hooked immediately. The viewing of Trudy’s tape was so emotional that I had to watch it a couple times because I didn’t completely understand what she was saying.


By seasons three and four, his faith in Monk’s contribution is well-cemented and his collaboration is unquestionable. Sharona Fleming (Bitty Schram; seasons 1–3) is Monk’s nurse and later becomes CaribbeanCupid mobile his first assistant. She refuses to baby him, often forcing him to do things that are unpleasant to him. Her final appearance as a regular character is in « Mr. Monk Takes His Medicine ».

Karen did not make her first appearance on the show until Season 2’s « Mr. Monk and the Very, Very Old Man, » where she turns to Monk for help when she suspects that the death of the world’s oldest man was in fact foul play. The Stottlemeyers would separate for good in the Season 4 episode « Mr. Monk and the Captain’s Marriage, » Headly’s last appearance on the show. Actor Eric Gelman had two brief roles on Seasons 2 and 3 of « Monk, » both times playing a paparazzo . In Season 2’s « Mr. Monk and the T.V. Star, » Gelman is seen in a crowd of cameramen around the gated entrance of the home of TV detective Brad Terry’s ex-wife, shortly before she is found dead.

Some familiar faces across the show’s eight seasons include John Turturro and Dan Hedeya as Monk’s brother and father, respectively, Sarah Silverman as a dedicated Monk fan, and Willie Nelson as himself. Unfortunately, many of the show’s guest and recurring actors have died since the show’s end in 2009. Now that it’s been around 20 years since it debuted, let’s look back at some « Monk » actors you may not know have passed away. Monk and the End” brought closure to the mystery surrounding the death of Adrian’s wife, Trudy. As we saw in the promo, the first part brought with it a slew a guest stars, foot chases and troubles for Mr. Monk.