Things You Need To Know When Dating A Gemini Man

Gemini men are attracted to women who are intelligent and have a lot going on in their lives. One of the quickest ways to a Gemini man’s heart is through laughter. He loves anything that is light-hearted and enjoyable. Make sure to engage him in activities that will make him laugh, such as telling jokes, being playful, or just having fun conversations. A Gemini man loves to be praised and admired, so shower him with compliments whenever you can.

Challenge him intellectually, don’t afraid to debate with him, and ask interesting questions to understand him more in those vital early stages. If you’ve been with your Gemini man for awhile, you probably have accepted the pros and cons already. Either way, you’ll need a few secrets to get you through the final stretch to success.

Perfect harmony of imagination and logic

The Gemini man has his good sides and his bad sides. He’s the type of guy that you have to love him “as is” if you want to keep his companionship. Click here to find out more on what the Gemini man has to offer.

Negative Traits Of Gemini Man Or Woman

While he loves you and cherishes you, a Gemini man has a zeal for life that he prizes above everything else. Everyone needs time to recharge themselves and take some time off. Know that if he is not always spending time with you, it is not because he dislikes you but because he is only working on being a better person for himself. If they send you flowers at work, kiss you passionately in front of everyone at a party, he is very likely crazy about you. The best thing about dating a Gemini man is that he is transparent and you never have to worry about peeling back his layers to understand him better. When he loves you truly and says it out loud, you can be assured he won’t leave you hanging or breadcrumbing but will instead give you his entire world.

Sagittarius is not someone who can tell a lie and keep a straight face, and they are usually really disturbed by the lies of other people. Gemini can tell a lie with such ease that they sometimes don’t even know they’re lying. When they get together, this all becomes something to have fun with and they could play a game of trust until they build it on strong foundations of mutual respect. Because of his traits like this, sometimes it can feel like he is not taking the relationship very seriously. Your Gemini man has an extroverted personality, and he can be talking to a lot of people. Sometimes, you might want to get jealous, but know that this is just his personality.

What he does have tends to be haphazardly organized in a manner that may only make sense to him and his personality, but it’s all kept fairly tidy. A Spartan, simplistic living space is ideal for this man, and he would do well inhabiting a studio apartment or tiny home. Emotional connection with a Gemini happens through communication to establish a solid mental connection.


A talk with a Gemini man always goes better in person. Try not to discuss important things over text or DM’s. Gemini is ruled by the planet of communication, Mercury. There’s not much you can do to change a Gemini man’s sour mood. Taking time to explore your personal interests, hobbies, and passions.

He’s looking for a woman who isn’t afraid to change the dinner plans at the last minute in favor of something wild and fun. He wants a smart, savvy lady who shares his adoration of adventure. In fact, it’s recommended that you stick to analytical reasoning when you want to make the subject serious and address your feelings about something. It’s the best way to make sure he doesn’t get anxious and flighty as he tries to figure out how to react.

The most important factor is the traditional astrological relationships between Gemini and the various signs. Other factors used are the general nature of the signs and professional observation of how the various signs interact in real life. The best way to win over a Gemini zodiac sign is by being yourself! An important thing to do is don’t try too hard because your natural charm and wit will win him over. This can make for an unstable relationship because they have no one to ground them. Scorpio is a decent match for Gemini because they are both very social and enjoy spending time with their partners.

Satin sheets and fancy lingerie does very little for him, instead he is turned on by words and racy conversations. These four signs have the confidence and the same drive for passion to keep up with him. Unfortunately if you don’t fall under one of these signs – you might find his animalistic tendencies a little too much to handle. A Gemini man needs a partner who is just as passionate and adventurous as he is.

He’ll have a hard time coping with not flirting with others but it CAN be done. Gemini men are easy-going guys that don’t like to be pushed into things. Enjoy your relationship with him as it is and try not to worry about what’s coming next . The wait will be worth it when you realize what a secure relationship you’ve built. ” He doesn’t see the use in dramatic arguments and needs the stability of a drama-free partner. Be straightforward, calm, and rational when you talk to him about your feelings.

The more open you are to venture into the unknown, taking risks, and going out of your comfort zone, the more likely you’ll capture a Gemini men’s heart. Gemini men are also drawn to women who are quick-witted and snarky. They are turned on by witty retorts, sarcastic rejoinders, and clever comebacks. Gemini men like a woman who’s not afraid to speak her truth and who can throw out verbal attacks when necessary. What a Gemini man likes in a woman is someone who has the same sense of adventure as them. They want someone who is willing to travel with them anywhere and proposes exciting plans.

This may seem like an incompatibility but Libra’s can help Gemini’s to come out of their shell. As two Mercury-ruled air signs, communication should come fairly easy SelfieBBW to Geminis. If they’re just having a conversation about something new they learned or they’re gossiping about one of their neighbors, there aren’t any issues.